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Empower your Knowledge and Imagination with books at our Library.
The library is historically the heart of any centre of higher education. Our library is digitally well-equipped with a capacity for 200 students.
Unrivalled access to information and education

Our  library has an extensive collection of physical and online resources, including over 11,000 books and more than 20,000 electronic and audio-visual materials.

Online Catalogue System

Our OPAC online catalogue system helps students locate and access learning materials easily. The system provides bibliographic and status information of library collections, bibliographic information availability, number of copies, location and format of the items.

About the Library
  Type of Materials  Borrowing Duration
Red spot [books with red label]Student: 1 working day;
Admin staff: 7 working days;
Lecturer: 30 working days
White spot [books with white label]Student: 5 working days;
Admin staff: 30 working days;
Lecturer: 90 working days
Yellow Spot [materials with yellow label]For reference only
Compact Discs
Past Year Exam Papers
Magazines /
Newspapers /
Journal / Final-Year Papers

Monday – Friday : 8.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m

Saturday, Sunday, & Public Holiday : Closed

  • Opening hours are subject to change.
  • Most library services cease 15 minutes before closing time.


TCS College
Lot 459, Block 14,
Jalan Sultan Tengah, Petra Jaya,
93050 Kuching, Sarawak

TEL + 6 082 444 999 ext 305