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Financial Aid

Financial Schemes & Programmes

TCS College provides an equal-opportunity platform to:

Empower all students
Elevate our communities
Develop the next generation of leaders of Sarawak

We have several schemes and programmes to assist students who require financial assistance. After successful enrollment, our Finance team will support eligible students through the application process.


In line with the Malaysian government’s mission to ensure students can access higher education no matter their financial status, TCS College provides PTPTN Financial Aid for eligible students.

  Description  Requirement
  • Up to RM4,000 per semester for Diploma Programmes
  • Up to RM6,800 per semester for Degree Programmes
  • 100% conversion to scholarship for 1st Class Honours in Degree
  • PTPTN Special Scheme:– RM1,500 Financial Aid Advancement

    – Takaful Insurance Protection up to RM40,000

    – SSPN Contribution up to RM1,080

  • 3 Credits in SPM
  • A Pass in BM
  • Malaysian
  • PTPTN Special Scheme is only eligible to student under B40 group

TCS College Scholarship & Bursary

Besides publicly-funded student finance programmes, TCS College also offers its own scholarships and bursaries for students who demonstrate exceptional performance in their studies or require additional financial support.

The TCS College Foundation Scholarship and YB IR Hj Daud Hj Abd Rahman Bursary Scheme are available to eligible students.

Disbursement will be determined according to academic and co-curricular performance, subject to terms and conditions, and is renewable on a semester basis. Students interested to apply may contact the Scholarship and Loan Unit for more details.

TCS College Foundation Scholarship Scheme
  Description   Requirements
  • Scholarship amount up to RM 14,730
  • Minimum 6 credits in SPM
  • Leadership experience in co-curricular activities
  • Total annual household income of not more than RM72,000
  • Applicant must not be a recipient of any other scholarship or award from other organisation(s) or foundation(s)
YB IR Hj Daud Hj Abd Rahman Bursary Scheme
  Description   Requirements
  • RM1,000 per semester
  • Years 2 & 3 students
  • CGPA & GPA ≥ 3.00
  • Parents monthly gross income ≤ RM2,000
  • Not receiving any other financial aid
TCS College Bursary Scheme
  Description   Requirements
  • Bursary Amount: Up to RM600 per semester
  • Applicable to UTM Diploma students taking PTPTN scheme
  • Scheme is by application per semester basis
  • GPA > 2.0
Other Financial Aids