Technology College Sarawak


At TCS College Students' Residence, we will be your home away from home.

We have a dedicated Accommodation Unit that is committed to providing our students with a safe, comfortable, and affordable home environment that supports their academic and personal growth.

Our Accommodation Unit is staffed by a team of experienced professionals who work closely with each individual student to identify their unique needs and preferences.

We understand that everyone has different living requirements, and we are committed to find accommodation options that meet the specific needs of each student.

Accommodation Options


Welcome to our comfortable and welcoming dormitory that houses between 14 to 40 dormmates! To ensure that every boarder can have a comfortable and cozy stay, there are bunk beds!

It provides the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow dormmates. The dormitory is the perfect place to bond with others.


We know that dormitories aren’t for everyone, so we’re thrilled to offer a fantastic alternative: our cozy 8-person rooms!

You will get to experience the same vibrant energy and welcoming atmosphere that make our dormitory so special, but with a smaller group that feels like a close-knit family. 


Attention to all those seeking a more intimate living experience! Our 4-person rooms are just what you need to create a tight-knit circle of friends while still enjoying the vibrant community atmosphere.


For those seeking a more private living arrangement, you will get to experience the same welcoming community, but with just one other person to share your space.

Other Amenities

A comfortable recreation room
with ample seating and satellite television

Comfortable study rooms

A common dining area and well-equipped kitchen with modern conveniences

A common open space for recreational activities and/or events​

On-site coin laundry facilities

24-hour CCTV surveillance in common areas

Wi-Fi at designated areas

Campus transportation services

Emergency Transportation

If any student requires immediate medical treatment at the hospital or clinic, TCS College provides emergency transportation without charge.*

*Students are responsible for their own medical expenses.

Terms and Conditions of Occupancy

When staying in TCS College-provided accommodation, students are required to follow the House Rules & Regulations and are responsible for their own behaviour on the premises.