• Please refer to the General and Student Administration notice board for the latest revision of registration schedule. Thank You.

  • Announcement 1 (Proceeding Diploma): New Online Registration Date for UTM Diploma Semester 1 2018/2019

  • Dear students, due to last minute changes in the class commencement date from UTM (2/7/18 TO 23/7/18), the online registration date for all DDPW, DDWW, DDPG Sem 6 and above is rescheduled from 26/6/18 to 18/7/18; all DDWG Sem 2 to Sem 5 is rescheduled from 27/6/18 to 19/7/18. The Venue and Time shall remain at Block B, 9am to 4pm (12pm to 1pm:lunch break). Thank you.

  • Announcement 2 (LI Diploma): New Online Registration Date for UTM Diploma Industrial Training Sem 1 2018/2019

  • Dear students going for LI Semester 1 2018/2019, the online registration date is rescheduled from 29/6/18 to 20/7/18 at Block B, 9am - 12pm. However, for those who have already bought your flight ticket, we still let you register on the 29/6/18 at Student Administration office, 9am - 12pm. Besides that, for those who unable to be present yourself, you may ask your friend to register on your behalf and bring along 2 copies of photocopied IC and SPM Certificate.